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Thanks for covering National School Choice Week, the largest annual series of education-related events in U.S. history. The School Choice Week celebration will take place January 21–27, 2024.

Did you know that more people Google “school choice” during January than at any other point during the year? We’d love for you to join the conversation about educational opportunity in K-12 learning. 

What is School Choice?

Andrew Campanella, President of National School Choice Week explains.

Below you’ll find bios for our national spokespersons: Andrew, Shelby, and Krissia. You’ll find media resources, such as logos, images, and video, to enhance your coverage on a variety of platforms. Whether you’re interested in interviewing us for a podcast or getting a quote for a newspaper story, we’re here to help you cover the Week.

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National School Choice Week 2024 Key Information

National School Choice Week 2024 Key Information

Discover everything you need to know about National School Choice Week 2024.

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